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Coldcreek Outfitters

Portable Processing Station

IDEAL FOR ANY OUTDOOR USE, this table is perfect for processing, preparing, camping & serving. Coldcreek® Outfitters Portable Processing Station features a 36” x 23” molded tabletop (828 sq. inches) with a lightweight, removable cutting board that is held in place by snap-tight latches for safe cutting, or can be easily released to use on the go. See complete features.

Fillet Station

A STABLE & CONVENIENT place to process game, fish & seafood at home or on the go. Coldcreek® Outfitters Fillet Station features a 46” x 24” molded tabletop (1035 sq. inches) with a molded-in sink with full drain system, flat work surface, refuse hole and rotating garden hose holder. See complete features.

Ultimate Work Station

THE ULTIMATE OUTDOOR SOLUTION for processing fish & game, camping & serving, canning, camp clean-up & more! Coldcreek® Outfitters Ultimate Work Station features a 40” x 26” molded tabletop (1040 sq. inches) with 2 molded-in sinks with full drain system, flat work surface, rotating garden hose holder, refuse hole with easy-snap locking system to hold a garbage bag in place and 2 insert covers to transform wash area into a flat work surface. See complete features.