Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean a Coldcreek Outfitters table?

We recommend using mild dish soap and a warm, damp cloth to clean the surfaces of our tables. Use a mild abrasive and a soft-bristled brush to remove any difficult food stains, such as greasy food residue. 


Where can I purchase a Coldcreek Outfitters table?

You can purchase right here from our website for easy, at-home delivery. To purchase our tables in person, you can purchase them from any Academy store.


What is the warranty on a Coldcreek Outfitters table?

Our tables have a 90-day Warranty. To receive the 90-day Manufacture’s Limited Warranty, you must register your product within 30 days after date of purchase for the Limited Warranty to be honored.


How do I register my product’s warranty?

Visit our Product Warranty page to register your product’s warranty online


How do I file a warranty claim?

Visit our Product Warranty page for detailed instructions on how to file a claim.