At Coldcreek® Outfitters, we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing outdoor tables with depth, meaning and purpose. All features are well-thought out and tested by avid outdoorsmen to bring you the very highest quality and best innovation out there. With all of our innovations being patented, you won’t find other outdoor tables like ours on the market. Below are just a few of the best innovative features our tables offer.

Built-in Measuring System

No more need to remember to bring along your measuring tape on your next fishing trip! The front edge of all Coldcreek® Outfitters tables has a molded-in fish length ruler to quickly size all of the fish you catch and clean.

Portable, Lightweight, Flat-Folding Design

Coldcreek® Outfitters tables weigh-in at less than 25 pounds, making each of them light enough for a young charge to carry. With easy-folding legs, each table lays flat when legs are folded and has a convenient height of between 3 to 5 inches when folded.

Removable Cutting board

Conveniently chop, cut, slice, dice and then remove for easy cleaning or cutting on the go with the removable cutting board, featured on the Coldcreek® Outfitters Portable Processing Station.

Garden Hose Holder

Say goodbye to the slimy water hose that refuses to stay within arm’s reach! With the garden hose holder featured on both the Coldcreek® Outfitters Fillet Station and Ultimate Work Station, easily snap the end of a hose into the holder for convenient running water at all times. The holder also allows you to rotate the hose in whatever direction you wish.

All-inclusive Drain System

No more soggy shoes for you! Included with each sink on both the Coldcreek® Outfitters Fillet Station and Ultimate Work Station, is a plastic extension hose that connects to the drain on the bottom side of the table, directing drain water away from your feet. Also included for each sink is a drain that comes with a debris-catching grate, and a stopper that allows filling if desired.

Two-sink System

Whether you’re quickly trying to fillet your day’s catch or on camp clean up duty, having an individual sink to wash in and one to rinse in adds convenience to any task at hand. The Coldcreek® Outfitters Ultimate Work Station includes one 2.5” rinse sink and one 4.5” wash sink to help you do what you need more efficiently and effectively.

Convenient Waste Disposal

Getting rid of fish remains and other trash is as easy as a snap with the easy-snap wire system featured on the Coldcreek® Outfitters Ultimate Work Station. Simply slip any small trash bag down into the waste disposal hole and secure with the easy-snap wire system to hold trash bag in place for convenient and smooth waste disposal.