Rack Jack


The ultimate rack enhancing tool for deer and elk antlers, the Rack Jack helps to prevent and eliminate shrinkage and can widen a rack’s spread up to 8 inches. The Rack Jack can also be used to easily expand the chest cavity of any large game animal, allowing both hands to be used for simple and quick cleaning. A light and portable device made from durable and long lasting steel that can be taken on any hunting trip. 

• Widens spread up to 8"*

• Expands chest cavity for easy cleaning

• Prevents and eliminates rack shrinkage

• Constructed from durable and lasting steel

*Spreads may vary. Depending on antlers, an increase of 8" or more is possible

Rack Jack in Action

Rack Jack in place between antlers  In position placed between antlers 

  Adjust & tighten hold by easily turning turnbuckle


  In position in chest cavity for easy cleaning